Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences was set up by the 7 August 2002 year resolution of national leader Heydar  Aliyev. The branch was founded for the purpose of increasing scientific research institutions activity, improving the effectiveness of existed scientific potential usage and make the suitable atmosphere for learning natural resources, history, ethnography and archaeology of the Autonomous Republic.
Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences was founded on the basis of scientific institutions working in the Autonomous Republic Nakhchivan Regional Scientific Center, Nakhchivan Scientific Research Base,  Shamakhi Astrophysics Observatory, Batabat and Agdara stations amalgamated. The section includes 6 scientific-research institutions-History, Ethnography  and Archaeology, art, Language and Literature, Natural Resources, Bio resources institutes, Fund of Manuscripts and  Batabat  Astrophysics Observatory.
Nakhchivan branch of  the Azerbaijan National Academy  of Sciences working from  January 2003 year has 29 departments  and labs, experiment areas, seismic center, scientific library, publishing-house, department  for  doctors. 266 workers work in the branch. Among scientists there are 2 real members, 4 corresponding members, 5 doctors of sciences, 57 doctors of philosophy of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. 14 of young cadres are doctors, 6 are dissertants.
As a result of conditions’ improvement for this period the number of scientists increased: 4 persons got academic degree of the doctor of science, 10 people got academic degree of the doctor of philosophy. In the scientific and educational centers in total were held 6 international and 65 national conferences and symposiums which became significant for republic and science in whole. In total, by scientists and researchers there were published 72 books and monographs, 23 training aids and more than 1500 scientific works. By order of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan AR dated August 6, 2012, the first volume of the multivolume book having fundamental scientific value and named “History of Nakhichivan” was prepared and published.

History Ethnography and Archaeology Institute is a scientific - research institution within Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Ancient and medieval history, new and modern history, ancient time archaeology, ancient and medieval archaeology, archaeological service, ethnography and the Caucasian history departments work at the institute.
Here material and spiritual culture of Nakhchivan is searched. 16 scientific workers work at the institute. One of them is a real member, 2 are corresponding members of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 1 doctor of sciences, 6 doctors of philosophy.

Art, Language and Literature Institute -includes sections of architecture, town building, restoration of monuments, descriptive and decorative applied arts, music and theatre, linguistics, onomastic, folklore, literary criticism. 21 scientific workers work at the institute. One of them is a real member, 1 corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 1 doctor of science, 10 doctors of philosophy.
Natural Resources Institute - carries scientific work in the  direction of studying natural resources and hydrological condition in the Autonomous Republic  territory, preparing scientific base  of mineral raw material  production, ecological influences of this production, Seismological  researches, objective regularities of economic and Social infrastructures locating, searching, restoring and developmental ways of traditional branches of economy in the region. At the institute  work chemistry of mineral raw material and technology, absorbent processes, physical, researches, ore  and  non-ore deposits, hydrogeology and mineral water, geography, economy, scientific-technical information and administrative-economy departments, labs of automation and seismology, seismic service department. 22 scientific workers work at the institute. 2 of them are doctors of sciences, 10 doctors of philosophy.

Bio resources Institute was founded with the purpose of learning, using and preserving bio resources of the Autonomous Republic. 27 scientific workers work at the institute. One of them is a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 1 doctor of sciences, 22 doctors of philosophy. At the institute work  botanical, plant systematics, zoological  researches, scientific-works and administrative-economy departments, fruit, berry and  wine-growing, grain, corn,  bean and technical plants, biochemical researches, labs of soil reserves. Botanical garden, gene fund branch of experiment, nature museum, green pharmacy, fund containing nearly 10 thousand herbarium, lists are of scientific research institute components too.
At the Bio resources Institute flora and fauna bio variety of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, preserving, propagating rare and disappearing animal types, gene fund forming, ecosystem protection and problems of bio resources optimal usage are searched. Articles and publications reflecting scientific-research works results of the institute were published in the Azerbaijan Republic and several countries.

Fund of Manuscripts was founded with the purpose of getting information of Nakhchivan history and culture. 3 scientific workers work in the fund. The fund has departments of manuscripts cataloguing, research and publish, collecting, preserving, hygiene and restoring of manuscripts.

Batabat Astrophysics Observatory consists of Nakhchivan city base, Batabat station in Shahbuz region and Aghdara station in Ordubad region. Until the formation of the Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Batabat and Aghdara stations were the components of the Shamakhi Astrophysics Observatory. Batabat and Aghdara stations being both above sea level (more than 2000 m) and geographical width being small in comparison (39031 and 390060) enable to carry high level astronomic observations. 60 sm star telescope (Batabat station) was set in the observatory. Main researches are carried on studying physical and dynamic features of small heavenly bodies including Sun physics and solar system. 7 scientific workers work in the observatory, 3 of them are doctors of philosophy. The observatory has position observing of heavenly bodies and photomenthrics of heavenly bodies departments.

The branch of the Nakhchivan Scientific Library of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, worked attached to Nakhchivan Regional Scientific Center as a branch of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences fundamental library within 1972-2002 years. Library funds mainly complexed with print stuffs having scientific importance. Book fund contains 32931 print, magazine funds, 18067 print standarts.
From 2005 year publishing-house of the branch after prominent thinker Nasiraddin Tusi, started its activity. Publishing-house publishes “News” of the Nakhchivan branch of the   Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 2 series, (social and humanities; natural and technical sciences).

Nakhchivan Study Center of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Supreme Majlis
Nakhchivan Study Center was founded by the 17 February 2011 year resolution of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Supreme Majlis chairman, building was chosen for the center and reconstructed fundamentally. Center, its library and archives provided with the most modern information equipment and delivers, electron library, archives were founded. Opening of the new building was February 9, 2013.
Three-floored building with store has server room, automation department for bibliography processes, scientific-methodic department, service department, completing department, book making and cataloguing departments, scanner room, book keeping fund, reading and periodical halls, electron reading hall, archives, canteen, work and service rooms.
There are more than thousand books and theses devoted to Nakhchivan history, archaeology, natural resources and national values, also periodical samples in book keeping fund. In the reading and periodical halls there is a usage opportunity of fund books, papers and magazines as well as internet.
Information stall was set in the building. Users can place an order for any book from electron information stall using personal passwords. Electron stall enables users get acquainted with book fund electron catalogue, get operative answers to questions and virtual order.