Information and Telecommunication

In order to develop the information and telecommunication infrastructure, regular work is conducted regarding the extension of technical advantages of the information and telecommunication network, the far-reaching employment of communication system in production of information service, the swift convey of information, and improvement of the quality of information and telecommunication services In the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
Being given into operation 155-megabyte/second communication channel through Trans-Asia-Europe cyber-optic main cable, information exchange such as big-capacious talk, video information, fast internet and etc., was launched, and video-conference connection in Nakhchivan State University among 7 foreign and domestic universities was established for the first time.
The completion of building of underground cyber-optic cable line between Nakhchivan and Turkey in 2007 will contribute to the big-capacious and high-tech communication connection. Furthermore, new mobile communication operators began to work, "Nakhtel" wireless communication network covering more than 70 percent of main land of the autonomous republic was given into usage, and wireless internet service was rendered.
As a follow-up work, the completion of underground Nakhchivan-Turkey cyber-optic cable line has contributed to the establishment of capacious and qualitative communication relation.
In 2013, 27 telephone exchanges and 22 post offices moved in new buildings. 18 telephone exchanges were newly constructed and 13 post offices were newly launched.
During this period 94 % of telephone exchanges in the autonomous republic have been provided with fiber-optic channels.
In 2013, 1913 new fixed phone numbers were connected to the net, number of fized telephones per 100 families increased to 67.
As of January 1, 2014 number of actively used mobile telephones reached 447086 and number of mobile telephones per 100 people became 104.
Measures on providing broadband Internet connection in large settlements of the autonomous republic are continuing.
In 2013 the volume of information and communication services in the autonomous republic increased by 6,1% compared to 2012 and was 45 million 52 thousands manats. 85,2% of the total services account for mobile communication services, thus exceeding the same indicator for 2012 by 5,9%.