In the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic the great achievements are attained in the field of industry as well.
Historically the industry of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has held one of the leading parts in the Azerbaijan economy. This important field mainly combined of food, light and other industry areas entered a more intensive development path since the middle of the twentieth century. All of rock salt, molybdenum, zinc, lead produced in Azerbaijan, most parts of mineral waters, raw silk, building materials, marble, wine, fruit, canned jams accounted for a large part of the autonomous republic.
The convenient business environment substantially expedites the emergence of new corporate bodies and individuals, and the growing of economic enterprises.
The Nakhchivan AR is holding the first place amongst the 10 economic regions (rayons) of the Republic of Azerbaijan according to the industrial goods growth rate, the specific weight of non-governmental sector in general industrial production and the minimization of ready produce remnant.
In 2012 compared to 1995, the total volume of the industrial production increased by 88 times. The share of non-state sector in the total production of industrial products was 93%. The share of industrial production in GDP reached in 2005 to 26.9 % and in 2012 8.2%.
In 2013, the region succeed to produce 529 choice of industrial goods, what made 863 million AZN.    
Nowadays, the total volume of the local products producing in the autonomous republic is equal to 346. This indicator is made of 115 choice of foodstuff and 231 choice of nonfoods. In total, the requirements in 332 kinds of production, made of 106 choice of foodstuff and 226 choice of nonfoods, are satisfied due to the local production.
As a result of the establishment of new industrial enterprises, developing of free competition and support of the new competitive products’ producing in the autonomous republic, in 2013 the total sum of the produced production made  862 million 870 thousand AZN. Thus, the indicators for 2013 exceed the last year’s indicators for 6,3 percent.
The industrial production made 95,6 percent. The services made and 4,4 percent. The production produced in the public industrial sector made the sum of 63 million 746 thousand AZN, and the sum in the non-state sector made 799 million 124 thousand AZN. The private sector made 92,6 percent of the industrial production.
According to the 124 projects of the state support in the autonomous republic, in 2013 for strengthening of the industrial potential some industrial and service objects were placed in operation. Besides this the construction of 46 industrial and service objects of various branches of economic activity is still proceeding.
Development of the industrial branch had positive influence on the export volume, so the total sum made from the export of the industrial production, in 2013 made 308 million 295 thousand of dollar.
Recently, industrial enterprises have been engaged in the manufacture of products in the autonomous republic such as bakery products, flour, meat and dairy products, poultry, pasta, tea, sugar, salt, sweets, fruit juice, alcoholic beverages, pasteurized and packaged honey, roasted and packaged agricultural products, mineral waters , decorative stones, travertine cladding stones, plastic materials, lime, alm, marble, different kinds of furniture, cast-iron, and non-ferrous metal refineryand so on.
Output of mineral resources holds a special place in Nakhchivan. Industrial rock salt, dolomite, travertine, tuff, limestone, marble, gypsum, clay, sand, marl, zinc - lead, molybdenum, copper, molybdenum, gold, and rich natural resources, such as mineral water in the autonomous republic of different types of building materials, including reinforced concrete, brick, travertine, marble and other products, and the expansion of production of products available in the world market for the favorable conditions.