The establishment of new enterprises against the background of economic development, the restoration of the work of enterprises which were out of operation for a long time, the reestablishment of the current enterprises and organizations, and the expansion of manufacturing fields were the main factors for opening of the new workplaces.

To increase employment and further improve the well-being of the population in the Autonomous Republic, and to meet the demands of the labor market by providing appropriate training and expanding self-employment opportunities, the "State Program for the Increase of Employment in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic" for the years 2021-2025 was approved by the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated January 28, 2021.

In the period from January to August 2022, the average monthly wage for one employee amounted to 595.6 manats, which is 9.4 percent higher than the indicator in the corresponding period of 2021.

From January to September 2022, 318 new jobs were created in the Autonomous Republic. Following the demands of the labor market, various vocational training courses were organized at the Nakhchivan Regional Vocational Training Center, resulting in the enrollment of 286 people in specialties such as culinary arts (12), barbering (40), barber-manicurist (30), tailoring (35), carpet weaving (11), electrical installation (12), tractor operator (20), cable laying and repair (51), boiler operator (20), surveillance specialist (13), gas appliance repair and operation (30), as well as a gas dispenser station operator in the Mixed Regime Penitentiary Institution of the  Ministry of Justice (12 inmates). Additionally, during the nine months of 2022, 206 people completed vocational training courses. Furthermore, 3049 people were trained in various professions at vocational education institutions under the Ministry of Education of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.     

The creation of effective employment opportunities has increased the population's purchasing power and expanded the volume of commodity circulation.

In January-September 2022, consumer goods worth 1 billion 521 million 740 thousand 400 manats were sold and paid services were provided to the population in the consumer market of the autonomous republic. Retail turnover accounted for 96.7 percent of consumer goods.

To improve the quality of services provided to the population, the construction of the "Nakhchivan Saray" complex in Nakhchivan city, recreation centers in Lakatagh village of Julfa region, Anaqut village of Ordubad region, a shopping center in Diza village, and a rural tourism house in Ustupu village has been completed.

In 2023, a total of 1,775 people were registered in the existing employment records in the autonomous republic. Among them, the registration of 172 people was suspended, 1,031 were given the status of job seekers, and 572 people were classified as unemployed, 308 people were employed in various sectors of the economy.