The establishment of new enterprises against the background of economic development, the restoration of the work of enterprises which were out of operation for a long time, the reestablishment of the current enterprises and organizations, and the expansion of manufacturing fields were the main factors for opening of the new workplaces.
The successful implementation of the State Program on socio-economic development of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan contributed to the further acceleration of the opening of new workplaces in the Autonomous Republic.
Apart from the above-mentioned, "The State Program on the Implementation of Employment Strategy in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic" was approved in order to make more efficient use of labour resources and to ensure the effective employment of population.
The remarkable accomplishments in the Autonomous Republic’s economy and social sphere paved the way to increase the employment rate. From October 1, 2003 to January 1, 2014, 59369 new jobs were created in the Autonomous Republic, of which 42890 or 72.2 per cent were permanent. 2092 or 92.6 per cent out of 2260 new jobs were permanent in 2013.  
The employment centres and job fairs organized in the territory of the Autonomous Republic at present are of great importance to ensure the employment of population. Also, the Regional Vocational Training Centre in Nakhchivan under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Population of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was established in order to arrange the vocational training, retraining and capacity-building activities of unemployed citizens.