The dynamic growth is observed in the volume of construction-erection works in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The territory of the autonomous republic with many rich building materials facilitates the exportation of rare building materials to the world markets and the establishment of the enterprises for building materials, iron-concrete, brick, travertine, marble and etc. The erection and restoration works conducted here are merely ensured thanks to local facilities of the autonomous republic.

Allocation of funds plays a crucial role in ensuring overall development. From January to September 2022, 175 various buildings were constructed, rebuilt, or significantly renovated in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Additionally, construction, reconstruction, and major repairs of 213 premises continued during this period.  

In line with measures aimed at improving residential areas, ensuring efficient management, and raising the level of services provided to the population, construction work on 7 village centers and the reconstruction of 1 village center continued in the first nine months of 2022. Besides, the reconstruction of the administrative building of the representative office in the administrative territory of Sharur City has been completed, and the construction of the administrative building of the Executive Authority of Julfa region is ongoing.          

To further improve the quality of communal services in the Autonomous Republic, the municipalities have been provided with 13 tractors and trailers.  

Reconstruction of 3 residential buildings has been completed in the autonomous republic, construction of 3, the reconstruction of 11 residential buildings is ongoing. In addition, the construction of the Garden Houses residential and recreation center around the Uzunoba Water Reservoir has been completed, and the construction of the "Youth Residential Complex" is ongoing in Nakhchivan.

The improvement in the quality of life of the population has had a positive impact on the construction of individual residential houses. From January to September 2022, a total of 364,717 square meters of residential area was put into use based on the personal assets of the population, which is significantly higher compared to the indicators of the previous year in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.     

In the region centers of Babek, Kangarli, and Sadarak, as well as in surrounding towns and villages, construction work on drinking water supply and sewage systems is ongoing.

Besides, construction of drinking water networks is underway in the Yayji village of Julfa region, in the Garabaghlar, Khok, Yurdchu, and Gabilli villages of Kangarli region, as well as in the Damirchi village of the Sadarak region.        

The installation of drinking water pipelines has been completed in the village of Sirab in the Babek region and near the Uzunoba Water Reservoir also the installation of drinking water pipelines in the town of Jahri and the village of Vaykhir is continuing.      

The construction of a subartesian well has been completed in each of the villages of Alishar in Sharur region, Gahab in the Babek region, Gabilli in Kangarli region, and Givrag settlement.