The dynamic growth is observed in the volume of construction-erection works in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The territory of the autonomous republic with many rich building materials facilitates the exportation of rare building materials to the world markets and the establishment of the enterprises for building materials, iron-concrete, brick, travertine, marble and etc. The erection and restoration works conducted here are merely ensured thanks to local facilities of the autonomous republic.
One of the most attractive features in the construction sector is that, all the objects under construction cover all the fields of economy for their being multi destination, together with the fact that, the stated construction works are held in all regions and even in the remote mountainous villages. Thus, as a result of this, during 1995-2007 years 138 educational enterprises, 132 health enterprises, 86 cultural enterprises, 43 monuments and religious monuments, 261 administrative buildings, 93 bridges, 32 pump stations, 288 subartezian wells, 380 individual flats for the participants, invalids, refugees, displaced people and martyrs’ families of the Azerbaijan Patriotic War and other infrastructure objects of this category were built and used in the autonomous republic. To this end, the total investment volume in 2012 was 982 million 264 thousand AZN which refers to 20.4% growth in comparison to 2011. In total, constructed or reestablished 724 different buildings were served to the public in 2012 and 129 different constuctions are underway.
Another remarkable point in this field is that the construction of industrial enterprises, education, science, health and cultural centers, executive bodies and infrastructure facilities with modern technical equipments is not only carried out in the centre of the autonomous republic but also in district centers and villages.
For the purpose of diversification of economy and social development of the autonomous republic in 2013, at the expense of all financial sources the investments of 1 billion 37 million 748 thousand of AZN were allocated into the fixed capital. Thus the present indicator for 5.6 percent surpassed the last year’s one. The 919 million 43 thousand AZN allocated into investments, i.e. 88,6 percent were used in the building and assembly jobs. In total, in the autonomous republic for 2013 were constructed, reconstructed or repaired 592 various objects. The construction works and repair work of 157 multi-purpose objects is also underway nowadays.
Thus, in 2013 the construction or reconstruction of 35 office buildings, the construction of 20 rural centers, and also the construction of 12 boiler-houses was completed.
The constructions of Nakhchivan city water-storage reservoir and water treatment works were also completed. And by January 1, 2014  the 201,8 km of sewer-pipe drain and 218,4 km of water-supply lines were laid on. İn addition to this,  due to the construction works, 349,7 km of  water-supply lines and  229,3 km of sewer-pipe drain were also laid on along the lines of  centers and environs of Sharur, Babak, Ordubad, Julfa, Kangarli, Shakhbuz, Sadarak.
The public works regarding the rise of the level of public utilities for normal living conditions of every resident of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the realization of necessary infrastructure projects, the provision of the population and all spheres of economy with electric power and natural gas, the restoration of the roads, the renovation works, and the creation of new industrial fields are successfully carried out in the Nakhchivan AR.